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Financial Times o TVN 24

Kto powiedział, że 24-godzinny serwis informacyjny musi być kosztowny? - tak zaczyna się artykuł poświęcony tvn 24

We wtorkowym Financial Times można było znaleźć artykuł poświęcony tvn 24, pierwszej polskiej stacji informacyjnej.

Autor artykułu John Reed opisuje jak przy niskich nakładach można zrobić dobrą telewizję informacyjną. Oto oryginalny artykuł:

Who says 24-hour news has to be expensive? While CNN and other segment leaders struggle to earn back their vast overheads, TVN 24, Poland's first all-news station, is budgeting just Dollars 20m in investment from start-up to break-even, which managers hope to reach in two to four years.

From the station's electric-blue graphics and rousing American-style theme music, you wouldn't know it was produced in a single studio in suburban Warsaw. "We looked hard for ways to save costs," explains Maciej Sojka, the station's chairman. A carefully-coiffed anchor reads the headlines in the centre of the room, scrolling his Teleprompter text with a footpedal. Two cameras are steered by computer, and state-of-the-art film equipment allows reporters to edit their stories onscreen. "We got the most modern technology available, which also allows us to employ the minimum possible number of people," Sojka explains.

The channel launched last August, in time for live coverage of both the September 11 attacks and Poland's national elections. The fledgling station sent a team to Afghanistan, a costly project that paid off when the "story" suddenly moved east. "We got stuck in Jalalabad when everyone was in Kandahar," Sojka says. "But then the action was in Tora Bora, and we were right nearby." The station earned a handy Dollars 60,000 over costs selling use of its satellite to other stations.

But the channel must still prove itself commercially. It reaches 1.4m households in a country of 39m, including Aleksander Kwasniewski's presidential palace. But prestige alone doesn't bring in cash, and managers hope more cable operators will pick it up.

Owners ITI Group, whose flagship is the number two commercial station TVN, will tap the Warsaw market this month for up to Dollars 130m, in part to buy partner SBS Broadcasting out of TVN
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